Sanday's a rider's paradise! There are miles of sandy beach and green lanes, and weather permitting, there are even ideal places to swim your horse.

There's no pressure to compete, so you ride just for pleasure, and in the summer, daylight lasts till late evening.

But there is a down side. In winter, workers have no daylight at all during the week, and we get a lot of wind. The roads are narrow and frequented by huge tractors, lorries and conbine harvesters. And the most inviting looking "links land" - vast, open, grassy plains - is peppered with rabbit holes.

However, our drivers are extremely courteous and helpful, and our horses are used to the wind. As for the rabbits, - well, they keep off the beaches.

There are around fifty equines here: That's about one to every ten humans! Of course, some are too old or too young to be ridden, or are just kept as pets. Never the less, I estimate that there are just short of thirty (counting donkeys) that are ridden - though some are not ridden often.

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