Picnic on the Links

We all met up at the memorial, and a long line of ponies headed down the overbister road, most being led and with a second rider awaiting their turn, because the aim was to involve as many juniors as possible. The kids really enjoyed it. Many thanks to Kate and Bob, and all the helpers who led ponies.

Green Horse Rides

Kate continues to welcome novice (or nervous) riders, or people with novice horses, to join her Saturday morning rides on the first Saturday of each month. Those who've accepted the invitation have found it a very useful experience.

Senior Saddle Club

This is set for the last Thursday of each month, and as the title suggests, it's only seniors who are invited. It's an informal get together to discuss (mostly) horsey topics over a bottle of wine (or two). It's happened each month except July, when it would have been the eve of the Sanday Show, but has only been attended by about four or five members in each of the summer months. In August, Marja invited us to meet at Flebister, which gave us an opportunity to wish her well in her new home.

The Sanday Show

Sadly, the size of the turnout was poor this year - particularly sad because it was such a beautiful day - the finest Sanday Show day anyone could remember, weatherwise! The turnout was mainly due to families absent from the island, and one of the entries didn't make it because of a long overdue farrier.

So the classes were small. But there was a really pleasant, non-competetive atmosphere, and it was a most enjoyable day. It was Gill's little Shanty that took the Champion's cup this year - a most pleasant surprise for Gill!

Riding the Beaches

Unfortunately, once the riders were all back from their holidays and the show week over, there wasn't a fine weekend that coincided with a suitable tide for the usual three-beaches ride. Until Saturday 26th Sept., when the tide was perfect and the weather fine and almost sunny - but the wind was force 5! Gill and Jean decided it was "now or Never" - but too much wind for Stywick. Cick the link to read more...