What happened to Summer?

While in the south, they were complaining about rain, up here, we've had long, dry, sunny - almost drought conditions. So why hasn't Sanday been buzzing with riding activity?

Well, for most of July, first one family and the another took numerous young members away on holiday. There just wasn't a date through the summer holidays when all the juniors were at home. So rather than disappoint any particular one, we opted to leave summer activities, such as picnics, fun days and dressage, till after the holidays.

And what happened after the school went back? The weather fell appart!

Further problems came in the form of suffering seniors, who were not physically able to set up activities or help - or even ride!!! There's Kate with her really sore neck, thought to be an after-effect of a fall some time ago. And there's Jean with her gammy shoulder, and, for most of the summer, her sore foot, which had had her seriously hobbling after Roccie ran over it! Also, Fenella managed to break her wrist, falling off - - a gate!

But we managed a picnic in late August as planned, organised by Bob amd Kate (despite the neck). Many thanks to them and the many mums, dads etc who came to help lead the little ones.

And the Green Horse Rides have continued throughout the summer. Thanks again to the Beales.There have been "Senior Saddle Club" meetings, too.

Well, let's hope for better weather and healthy members for the October holiday! .