More Photos from the North End Ride

The "Back of the Ride" coming up to Crudy. Nicky on Lucky, Polly on Bonny Lass, Melissa on Mary Anne and - way behind - Kate on Pippin!


The picnic at Thrave. Sarah has just retrieved wandering Norman.

The horses and ponies had a well-earned rest, too, with saddles off, pleanty of grass, and water aid on by Bob. (Heidi and Mary Anne aren't in the picture, because they were by the Beales' car.)

One by One from Scuthvie Bay...

First after Silk and Norman was Oliver. (Silk had been the trail blazer, testing the path to make sure it was safe for everyone - and to give a lead to the more wary horses.

Next came Bonny Lass with Polly.

Lucky followed on with Nicky. Mary Anne was hot on their heels, but never came into view of the camera. Pippin seems to be a bit impatient, too