Committe for 2009

Kate Chair
Jean Secretary
Gill Treasurer
Kelly Training Officer
Nicky Safety Officer
Georgia Junior Rep.

Admin Shock

Since we affiliated to BRC (British Riding Clubs), we've enjoyed a discount on our admin fees owing to our remote location, which makes it virtually impossible for members to enjoy many of the benefits of membership, such as taking part in qualifiers and trailing events taling place south. However, the lady we've dealt with up to now has gone, and her replacement claims to know nothing about our discount.

The implications are that, for every member, annual membership would go up by £4.75 if we were to cover the increase ourselves.

Don't worry. Whatever the outcome of our negotiations, we won't increase the fees! If we are not successful, we can either cancel our affiliation and arrange our own Riding Club Insurance, or just pay up, but in either case, we can seek help towards the cost from the Community Council or some other source of funding.

Saddle Club Website

How many of you haven't visited our blog and gallery yet? Up to now, the only contributers seem to be Gill and Jean! We want YOU to share your pictures and news with us all. If you contact Gill or Jean, we can set you up with a user name and password to give you access.