Summer's Over. Time for an AGM !:

And what didn't we manage to do? Well, considering the changeable weather and the several resultant postponements, we did pretty well.

I'm not sure what happened to the BBQ, but I know it was the weather that got in the way of the Fun Day. It was grim in the weeks leading up to my trip to Iceland, and I'd promised to try and arrange it as soon as I got back. As it happened, my first weekend back was Kim's lessons, and we wouldn't have missed that for anything! The weather was perfect for either!

I don't see an opportunity now till after the school holidays, and by late October, the weather tends to have seriously fallen appart! -- But we can always hope!

As for the AGM, several people seem to be planning to go away during the October break, so we're going for Wednesday, 31/10/07. It will be at the Stables at 7.30pm